Passenger Jets Help To Rescue Missing Sailor 噴射客機協助救援失蹤水手

Passengers and crew on two commercial jets helped locate a missing yachtsman off Australia by looking through the windows with binoculars.


An Air Canada jet and an Air New Zealand aircraft swooped down to 4,000ft to assist rescuers in the search for the solo yachtsman who had activated his emergency beacon.


His remote location was out of helicopter range so rescuers asked the planes’ pilots to get involved as they were flying over the yacht’s GPS position.


According to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, one passenger wrote on Facebook: "15 hour flight ends up being 17 hours as we descended to 4,000ft to locate a capsized yacht for search and rescue."


"Amazing, and slightly off putting, to see what a Boeing 777 aircraft can do when not on autopilot and flying/circling low over the ocean."


Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick said the crew and a number of passengers onboard flight AC033 to Sydney from Vancouver spotted the boat and advised authorities of its location.



get involved:慣用語/片語,參與,亦特指男女交往。例句:It’s been two years since Tom got involved with Kelly.(湯姆與凱莉交往已有兩年。)

swoop down (up)on someone or something:慣用語,突然俯衝急撲。例句:An eagle swooped down upon a hare.(一隻老鷹俯衝急撲向一隻野兔。)

capsize:動詞,翻覆。例句:I capsized my kayak.(我把我的獨木舟小船弄翻了。)