Afghan interpreters win right to new life in Britain 阿富汗口譯員贏得在英國展開新生活的權利

Up to 600 Afghan interpreters who served with British forces in Afghanistan will be offered the chance of a new life in Britain after a government U-turn, it was revealed on Wednesday.
Prime Minister David Cameron had initially decided to discourage the interpreters from settling in Britain for fear of the message it would send out about the stability of Afghanistan as foreign forces pull out.
Many of the Afghans say their lives are in danger from the Taliban due to their work with British forces in the restive southern Helmand Province.
Although details of the new plan have yet to be released, interpreters who served on the frontline for at least one year will be allowed to move to Britain with close family members on a five-year visa.
They will reportedly be able to choose between cash payments if they stay in Afghanistan or settle in a country nearby, and the right to move to Britain.
Those who wish to remain in Afghanistan will be paid their salary for five years if they train or study, or be paid for 18 months if they do not.
The Downing Street source said Cameron "has been very clear that we should not turn our backs on those who have trod the same path as our soldiers in Helmand, consistently putting their lives at risk to help our troops achieve their mission".
discourage:動詞,以表達不贊同或製造困難的方式阻止。例句:The plan is designed to discourage smoking in public places.(這項計畫意在阻止於公共場所吸菸。)
restive:形容詞,不安寧。例句:The crowd had been waiting for hours and many were becoming restive. (群眾已經等了好幾個小時,許多人已開始騷動。)
turn back on:片語,拒絕或拋棄。例句:She turned her back on her career to devote her life to animals. (她放棄事業,將人生奉獻給動物。)