Pope to nuns:Why aren’t you answering the phone? 教宗問修女:你們怎麼不接電話?

It’s not every day Pope Francis calls to wish you a happy New Year, so it might be a good idea to be at home when he rings up.


The Pontiff has made a cold call to wish a group of Spanish nuns Happy New Year. Only he got their answering machine, instead.


’What can the nuns be doing that stops them answering the phone?’ said Pope Francis, chuckling, in the message he left on New Year’s eve for the Barefoot Carmelites of Lucena.


’This is Pope Francis, I wanted to give you New Year’s greetings. I’ll see if I can reach you later. God bless you.’


Sister Adriana told COPE radio station she and the four other nuns were not listening for the phone because they were busy at midday prayers.


’When my duties allowed me to go to the phone, I literally wanted to die’ [on hearing the missed message], Adriana said.


’I took down the message and passed it on to the other nuns... We never thought the Pope would remember us.’


She frantically called a bishop and other contacts to try and return the call to the Vatican, without success, but Francis called back and managed to talk to the nuns in the evening.



cold call:名詞,無預期地打電話或拜訪陌生人、潛在客戶(通常為了行銷),推銷電話。例句:I have to make some cold calls to get business.(我得打些電話開發客戶以爭取生意。)

ring (someone/something) up:動詞片語,打電話給某人/某地;向某人收取或記錄某物款項,結帳。例句:Please ring it up for me.(請幫我結帳。)

listen for:動詞片語,留心傾聽以聽見某特定聲音。例句:Listen for the footsteps that are getting closer.(注意聽那逐漸接近的腳步聲。)