Unemployed man stole so he could feed 120 cats 無業男偷竊以餵養120隻貓

A man obsessed with cats burgled dozens of homes to buy food for his feline "friends," all 120 of them.


"It was the happiest moment when I rubbed my cheek against a cat," police quoted Mamoru Demizu as saying after his arrest in September 2013 in a burglary case.


Demizu, who is 48 and jobless, is suspected of breaking into 32 homes to steal cash and valuables worth 19.2 million yen, sources said, adding that his crime spree began in September 2012.


Demizu said he recently spent 25,000 yen a day to feed the cats. He kept 20 at his home in Izumi, Osaka Prefecture, and in rental storage space. In addition, he fed strays, numbering around 100, in parks and parking lots.


Demizu first kept cats in 1993 and began giving leftover food to strays in 2010. He lost his job in 2011 but continued to feed cats with money from a woman he lived with.


"The number of cats I fed gradually increased, and I ran short of cash," he told police.



obsessed with someone or something:慣用語,沉迷於某人或某物。例句:Kathy was obsessed with her kitten.(凱西很迷她的小貓咪。)

rub something against someone or something:慣用語,將某物摩擦某人或某物。例句:The cat kept rubbing its back against my leg.(那隻貓不斷地以牠的背摩擦我的腿。)

run short of:慣用語,使用殆盡,即將用完。